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What makes CKCC unique?

CKCC is part of Ackerman Institute for the Family:

As part of Ackerman, NYC’s renowned family therapy training institute, CKCC places special emphasis on bolstering family-school relationships.  To this end, along with our focus on social-emotional skill-building and program implementation, CKCC’s Facilitator training devotes considerable time to specific tools and techniques for promoting family-school collaboration.

CKCC is distinguished for:

  • Puppet characters representing children’s temperaments and personalities
  • Aligned with Common Core Standards
  • Focus on internalization of skills
  • USB drive includes entire curriculum
  • Power Point presentations for each lesson
  • Five minute “Prepare to Learn” mindfulness exercises
  • “Bringing CKCC Home” interactive activities in English and Spanish
  • Time-honored and innovative methods of involving families
  • Literacy-based early childhood program featuring CKCC’s Garden Friends

In a 2017 study by Harvard Graduate School of Education, Navigating SEL From the Inside Out, CKCC impressed the evaluators as follows:

For full report please click: http://www.wallacefoundation.org/knowledge-center/Documents/Navigating-Social-and-Emotional-Learning-from-the-Inside-Out.pdf

Learn more about CKCC in the videos below: